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300 Winchester Magum Wildcat

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I have a 721 Remington 300 H&H, at one time I thought about rechamberin it to 300 Winchester Magnum and was told since I had the long action, and rechambering the Barrel would require setting back the Barrel to much making the metal to thin around the camber. If I had to do this project a alternative was to rechamber it to 300 winchester magnum, then go in with a 30/06 neck reamer and lengthen the 300 winchester with a 06 neck.. I was also told that while the brass was a wildcat, in a pinch, I could use standard 300 winchester rounds

Can anyone share info about this ..
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I am not a big fan of the 30 caliber in any form but if I was to get one it would be the 300 H&H. Just look at the efficiency of the round with the shape of the case somehow it makes more velocity with the same weight bullet than the other 30's. Just keep the 300 H&H and shoot often..........Just my .02
Sorry, I meant to say makes more velocity with the same bullet,WITH LESS POWDER...........
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