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300 Winchester Magum Wildcat

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I have a 721 Remington 300 H&H, at one time I thought about rechamberin it to 300 Winchester Magnum and was told since I had the long action, and rechambering the Barrel would require setting back the Barrel to much making the metal to thin around the camber. If I had to do this project a alternative was to rechamber it to 300 winchester magnum, then go in with a 30/06 neck reamer and lengthen the 300 winchester with a 06 neck.. I was also told that while the brass was a wildcat, in a pinch, I could use standard 300 winchester rounds

Can anyone share info about this ..
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I have done an 300 Winchester Magnum wildcat, but with the 300 H&H why not try a imporved version? You could then use regular H&H ammo if you wanted. The barrel ebing set back would be done if you want to fire form, but if you want to do your own cases with a Hydraulic forming die you wouldn't need to set the barrel back.
There is the 300 AI wildcat that is already a developed. cartridge.... I have a picture somewhere of the cartridge. If that doesn't do it for you I can use some software and do a design.
Here is what I would like to play around with...................

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Well got my 300 Venom Magnum flying, and it is doing good.... surprised no discussion on the idea of an improved 300 Win Mag.... still updating to my site, and if anyone is interested I will mention on it more here?
I think the introduction of the 300 Winchester Magnum as well as the 300 Weatherby Magnum put some wildcatting on the back burners..... still the 300 Ackley Magnum was a good cartridge.. the one I have done is an improved Winchester Magnum case, but then the 300 H&H as well as the Winchester are similar cases. Right now the changes I have made are showing velocities that beat the Weatherby... I am hoping to go far enough to actually get some cases made to my cartridge demensions so I can push it further.
I have one an improved version of the 300 win mag now that I have proven all the project notes are on my site venompublishing dot net.... I am getting a 333fps increase using a 200 grain Barnes bullet over the parent 300 Wincehster magnum... I am calling mine the 300 Venom Magnum Sniper, and it is ready to allow others to convert their 300 win mags if anyone is interested they can email me, and we can talk... intersesting idea... I have designed several wildcats using the Ruger cases... I am hoping to get one going soon.
I got acouple questions and don't take this wrong. I read your article and looked at some of the loading data toward the end of your article from April 5th thru April 18th you list everything but amount of powder used.
Yes.. actually in some I only put the velocity comparison.... I have been getting a great deal of questions on this cartridge, and I am a little worried that someone would have the idea of trying to load the parent with similar charges. I am at the point now that I may allow the reamer to be used to do a couple of more rifles, and I am wanting to control ammunition until I know how other rifles will test with the cartridge. Also please understand that these tests are to show a comparison to published data... I ahve done very little work with seating depth, and other changes to see how fast I can get it to fly.
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