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300 Winchester Magum Wildcat

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I have a 721 Remington 300 H&H, at one time I thought about rechamberin it to 300 Winchester Magnum and was told since I had the long action, and rechambering the Barrel would require setting back the Barrel to much making the metal to thin around the camber. If I had to do this project a alternative was to rechamber it to 300 winchester magnum, then go in with a 30/06 neck reamer and lengthen the 300 winchester with a 06 neck.. I was also told that while the brass was a wildcat, in a pinch, I could use standard 300 winchester rounds

Can anyone share info about this ..
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.300 Win Mag brass is too short to make into .300 H&H.

If you want it rechambered, it may be possible to use the .300 Weatherby. That's probably not a lot more common nor less expensive.

Suspect that a take-off Rem 700 barrel in .300 Win Mag would be the cheapest route. I'd start contacting gunsmiths and see of any have such a barrel and could they do that?
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