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303 British

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Anybody know what diameters the bores run on these rifles? I have a WW2 SMLE Rifle. Looking at that 170 gr. LBT Bullet.

Got this rifle from the wife of a friend who passed away a number of years ago. Just picked up a box magazine for it as it had none.

Anybody have experience with cast in these rifles? Looks like it has seen little use. It has a flip up sight in the rear that has a thumb wheel for elevation. Also has a raised cheek piece on the stock that was added on. The guy who owned it was French and I believe he brought it over from Europe long ago. I don't think he ever used it.


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Thanks guys for the wealth of info! What a great group we have here.

I checked the numbers and stampings on it as follows:

It is a #4 MK I (T) stamped on the side of the left side of the receiver.

On the Receiver "Band" at the buttstock it's stamped "M 47 C" and "1944" underneath that is I would think the serial # "A37XXX" it matches the number on the bolt. Underneath the serial# is "TR". There are numbers and stampings at the muzzle too as follows:

".303   2.22" and "NP"  and "18.5 Tons"

"England" is stamped on the front of the receiver band at the chamber area.

There is a number"1" stamped on the bolt head. Also "M47C" again. (This number appears in a few places on the rifle also)

It has a type of flip up rear aperature sight with a detent click thumb screw for elevation. Graduated from "2" to "13",

It also has two mounts on the left side of the receiver for what looks like some type of scope mount. The stock is full length with lengthwise grooves on the handguard up to the mid barrel stock band. At the mid barrel band there are 2 brass buttons on each side of the band. The stock appears to be loose or free floating maybe. Barrel appears to be a 5 groove as near as I can tell. Barrel and chamber appears spotless and shiny with no pitting.

Overall condition appears very good with some stock dings but blueing intact with no rust. Some metal with minor dings and scratches.

I will have to maybe do a chamber/throat cast and slug the bore for size.

Sorry for the book but my interest is piqued.



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Thanks a lot Jack.

Yes there is a number stamped in the buttstock behind the cocking piece. It's four digits. I may have to inquire as to the existance of a scope for this rifle from where I got it.

I have a question about the cocking piece. It appears that you can manually pull back the firing pin plunger to a "half cock" and then to a "full cock" position. Is this what that is for? I'm also assuming the lever on the left side of the plunger is the safety catch.

Also found the serial number for the gun stamped into the underneath of the forend near the muzzle.

Thanks again guys!


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Thanks Bill, for the added info.

I wouldn't be surprised if this guy brought it over himself back then. Although I'm not sure how long he had it.

Yes, I've seen the scopes for this rifle and the attending prices for them. From what I can see the rifle itself is supposed to go for &#36300 to &#36400. However, I'm not sure as to condition. One guy had one for sale that was fully complete and with all the accoutrements for about &#361300.

I'll probably just end up cleaning it up a bit and doing some casual shooting with it. Has a tight action and a great looking chamber and bore. Has a nice peep site on it. Will look into casting up some 180's for it.


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