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303 British

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Anybody know what diameters the bores run on these rifles? I have a WW2 SMLE Rifle. Looking at that 170 gr. LBT Bullet.

Got this rifle from the wife of a friend who passed away a number of years ago. Just picked up a box magazine for it as it had none.

Anybody have experience with cast in these rifles? Looks like it has seen little use. It has a flip up sight in the rear that has a thumb wheel for elevation. Also has a raised cheek piece on the stock that was added on. The guy who owned it was French and I believe he brought it over from Europe long ago. I don't think he ever used it.


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Greetings Fourm
Every now and then I come accross a web site that is really above the rest. Beartooth is one for example. Another one is Stephen Redgwell's web site on the 303 British. If you need to know anything on the 303, he is your man. Check it out.
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