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I Bought 2ea .308 Winchester barrels for my LR308. Both had issues with being able to simply drop in a mid length hand guard. Returned the 1:10 5R barrel to Brownell's and kept the 16" 1:11 5R rifle from Rainier Arms. However, they both could have been better if they had changed the dimensions of the gas port shoulder.

Follow the AR15 guideline/spec and measure your dimensions from the front flange area of the barrel extension and go exactly 8.750" forward and THEN cut the shoulder of the gas port. Cutting it at 8.500" makes the distance from the hand guard cap back to the delta ring/barrel nut grooves about 0.250" too short. You can either get a free float hand guard (expensive) or customize a mid length hand guard like I did my Magpul MOE and make it fit.

Other issue is if you buy a mid length gas tube for AR15 it is going to stick into the upper receiver an additional 0.250" . Stands to reason since the gas block is now 0.250" closer to the upper receiver. Getting a AR10 Amalite "Carbine" gas tube will make matters worse as they are even longer than the mid length gas tubes for AR15 out on the market.

Follow the standards of the Military spec for AR15/MP4/M16 and do not measure from the joint of the barrel extension where it fits onto the barrel and I bet there will be a LOT of happy campers that can now put a regular Magpul MOE hand guard on their new LR308 upper without any issues.
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