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.308 or 30-06?

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After recently getting advice that my .243 is too small for wild pigs, I am wanting to upgrade to .30 caliber. Does anyone have any advice on what round is better, .308 or 30-06?
Do they pretty much have the same effectiveness?
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its what your preference is...recoil is actually a non-issue since you would probably be reloading...the two rounds actually have very similar velocities up to about 168-170 gr. bullets...its when you get past this is where the 06 starts showing its abilities...of course, you can always get a long action mauser with a long throat 308 Winchester chamber and load up the long bullets with a 1-10 twist hart actually works kinda nice. :) I have mediocre accuracy with any bullet below 125 there are some trade-offs...
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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