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.308 or 30-06?

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After recently getting advice that my .243 is too small for wild pigs, I am wanting to upgrade to .30 caliber. Does anyone have any advice on what round is better, .308 or 30-06?
Do they pretty much have the same effectiveness?
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Hope I don't get a fist coming out of my monitor here and knocking me off my chair and onto my back. BUT - way back in 1962, while living in Hawaii, I was about to purchase a new M70 Featherweight in 30-06. A good friend talked me into a 308 Win instead. He was an ardent reader of the American Rifleman and other publications of that era. I've since read a lot about this humbling cartridge and agree. I had 3 308 Win's and recently gave one, a M88, to one son-in-law. Everybody should have at least one 308 Win. Now keep your 30-06's also - you probably will never see the difference in what you're shooting.

I haven't had to duck yet here on my chair.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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