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Went out to my 350yrd range today to shoot some Trailboss loads and some Matchking loads i'm playing with... and got some extremely pleasing results.

if you guys saw my other trailboss thread, you know it's one of my new favorite powders, and i'm getting amazing accuracy out of my X-Bolt with it. Today i decided to see what they could do at range and had some of the best fun i've had shooting in a long time.

I started out at 100yrds to zero on paper and got groups barely larger than a .50 cent piece, then moved back to the 350 yrd steel to play. i knew if i dialed all of the elevation for this load i'd be well over 2 full turns on my scope, so i decided to dial one full turn and walk it on with the mil dots. I ended up using the 2nd to last mil-dot, holding dead center.. to shoot this group:

i didn't give anything for size comparison, but i could cover it with my hand... roughly 5". I was amazed to say the least.

The following groups were shot with:

168gr Matchkings
44gr Varget
Win Case

I'm sure i can do better if i put a reference point on my plate to aim at.

exclude the lowest right shot, different string.

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I'd say that was darn good shooting with the TB. I've played around with TB, in mostly my 30-06 rifles, using Berry's 150 gr FN 30-30 copper clad bullets for sometime now. Usually shoot at a 100 yard targets. Lots of fun, but don't think I ever had a group like one you showed for a 350 yard target.
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