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308 rate of twist

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I am thinking again of buying another 308 .
I see TC has a 10-1 ROT remingtons with 12-1 and tikka with 11-1.

I would probably be shooting 165- 180 gr Bullets --- so what then would be the best ROT for that bullet weight .
Most of the shooting would be probably be paper punching @ our 100 range but might also be used for yotes

I am thinking the tikka , but the 10/1 too has been around since I was just fed with a bottle .
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Being one of those that was born shortly after the second world war , 308 choice was always long / short / heavy / light barrel and only a 10-1 twist .

So none of my guns have that pink or purple finish, but up to try something new if it is going to be better . So far I hear the 10 to one is not broke - in other words buy what you like - say maybe something like a 10-1 or 11-1 twist . What ever suits your mood .Even target barrels come out with at least these two . Not worried about a thosand yards nor does the tempature get that hot in the summer , or do we shoot when it's -40 .

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