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308 rate of twist

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I am thinking again of buying another 308 .
I see TC has a 10-1 ROT remingtons with 12-1 and tikka with 11-1.

I would probably be shooting 165- 180 gr Bullets --- so what then would be the best ROT for that bullet weight .
Most of the shooting would be probably be paper punching @ our 100 range but might also be used for yotes

I am thinking the tikka , but the 10/1 too has been around since I was just fed with a bottle .
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With heave bullets 180 to 220 gr 1:10 seams to work best. Temperature and low bullet speeds will cause stability issues with some 1:12 barrels. This is because of air density and low spin rates on longer heavy bullets

If you are shooting 150 to 165 gr bullets then a 1:12 should work just fine but so will a 1:10 or 1:11.

I have a very fine 308 with a 1:12 twist rate and it is very finicky with 180 gr and heaver bullets. All of my 1:10 barrels show no signs of this condition.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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