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Hi Longhunter,

Although I do not own a 309 JDJ, I do own a 308 Bellm. The 308 Bellm is a rimmed 308 with a 0.040" longer body. The 308 Bellm holds about 53 grains of water while the JDJ holds 60.5 grains of water. JDJ claims 2500 fps with 150 gr bullets and I get 2325 with 150 gr Noslers. I've shot a couple of deer with my Bellm and they are immediately impressed by it. The first one I shot was ~ 80 yards standing quartering me slightly. I hit her on the front should and the bullet exited through the far shoulder. She went down and thrashed for about 20 yards. The second was about 65 yards through both lungs. It went about 40 yards before a tree ran in front of it. I would highly reccomend 150 grain Nosler Balistic tips. I've also shot 4-5 deer with them with my 06 Encore pistol. You have a solid 250 yard deer cannon that will kill any deer of any size within it's limitations which for me is 250 yards.

As an aside, I've shot a couple of 309's and owned a 358 JDJ and all were capable of sub MOA groups. My 358 would shoot 225 Nosler BT into 3/4" all day and have shot some ragged 1 hole groups with it. My uncle now owns it. JD does good work but be careful of shooting his load data in re-chambered barrels. For his own custom barrels, its fine because he uses 4 groove Shilen blanks. TC uses 6 land and groove with equal land and groove widths which means alot more bullet friction as compared to the Shilen. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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