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30AR--What is it?

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I see this caliber listed in the Redding die section of Midway's catalog. Is it, like the 7mm TCU, a necked up .223 or something else? It seems like I've seen 30TCU mentioned before so maybe the 30AR is different.
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I meant the Remington R25, deadduck. Clearly, one can have just about any modern gun fitted to a new barrel, but why would the company who created such a useful cartridge, in the 260R, neglect to support it be making it an offering in their latest, most "advanced" hunting rifle platform? Remington is choosing to support the .243 over the .260, when the latter is a more effective and versatile big game round. If people want to shoot varmints with and AR, they'll go with the smaller framed rifle and .223 round, so why offer the .243 in the R25, when the .260 has substantial advantages over its smaller cousin?

From a purely marketing perspective, Remington is smart to offer a full camo gun, because all "black guns" really do turn a lot of would-be buyers off! Like it or not, that's a simple truth. Heck, I freely admit to not having any interest in a totally black gun, but I would consider one of the "R" guns from Remington, because they don't look (as much) like an assault rifle.
I agree, Remington has never done anything with the 260, they threw a fine cartridge out there and never supported it with varying firearms. I have a VLS in 260 but they stopped that many a year ago. The 260 would be ideal in the SPS tactical, SPS Varmint, Target Tactical, Varmint SF, VTR, XCR Tactical Long Range, XCR Compact Tactical, VLS, 700P, 700P LTR and M24.

What I was getting at though was that DPMS manufacturers the R25 for Remington, Remington just has them camoed. Get a 260 DPMS and have it dipped and you have a R25 in .260 .
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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