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30AR--What is it?

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I see this caliber listed in the Redding die section of Midway's catalog. Is it, like the 7mm TCU, a necked up .223 or something else? It seems like I've seen 30TCU mentioned before so maybe the 30AR is different.
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Sounds to me like a decent option for deer hunting, although why one would choose this over the 6.8, or stepping up to an AR10 and .308 eludes my simple mind.
I thought the same thing...why this when they coulda just built one to hand the 308 Win? Remington makes me scratch my head sometimes....
While I agree with you, they are probably doing so in the 243 because it is a popular round, while the 260 is treading water. I like the 260 and always wanted one, but they are probably looking at it from how many they would actually sell. BUT...they could always test the market and produce a set number and see how they sell and go from there. But maybe the cost of doing that is more then they are willing to gamble..I dunno.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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