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30WCF frangible ammo.

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I had to pick these up!

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Yup there 30WCF frangible, the 150 gr replacement means that they drive the 115 gr to higher speeds to match the 150 gr energy.
I just got them for my 30WCF collection, don't plan on shooting them.
The 30WCF load is a frangible, they do sell non-frangible but thats for the 223 and 308.

[30-30 WIN 115gr. FP] This Non-Lead 30-30 round is loaded by AccuSwage with a Lead-Free FP bullet that performs like a 150gr. Jacketed FP. Lead-free projectiles have reduced hazard properties that virtually eliminate ricochet or over penetration.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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