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I shot my first 50 rounds of handloaded .32acp. No problems at all and accurate at 10 yds out of the little 40's ventage Browning Spanish knock-off. No hangups. This was the first firing of new brass. Now we enter the unknown. I do not have a case trimmer (I use Lee trim and they don't make a .32 size) and the word I got was to measure and toss them after 5 reloads anyway.

Anyone have experience with this round and if so if you use light loads and don't trim, is the brass eventually going to get too long or is there other prominant areas of failure? I am going to find out myself but any experience with this round would be valuable to me.

I thought I had trown this out for discussion before but I could not find it in a search. In fact I found nothing about the .32 in a search which kind of makes me wonder if the search function is not working well.

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The 32ACP is SUPOSE to head space off the semi-rim, but not all chambers do this. Better to sacrafice one case, timm it way back (or file it...anything to be sure it is too short) and check it in the barrel. If it actually headspaces on the semi-rim like it is supose to, then you'll lose the case long before it ever grows long enough to need a trim (or some big-footed guy will step on it...or it will eject into a cow-pie...or down a crayfish hole...). Been loading the .32ACP for 20 or 22 years, and I've yet to have to trim a case.

BTW: load for a Seecamp...but those cases are pretty well uglied up by that chamber. One of the old ones, with a radial groove cut into the chamber to allow the case to swell in the middle (kind of an brass expansion semi-lock to slow the slide). Those cases I leave laying where they fall.

Is an easy round to load for, and usually gives very good accruacy for your efforts. Tend to load for the minimal accruate/reliable load.
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