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I have an old Remington Model 8 that is in beautiful condition.  The few origional .32 Rem rounds I could find shot very well and printed at a 100 yards about as well as I could aim them, recoil about the same as a Model 94 in .32 Win Special.  To get right to the point, I bought two boxes of .32 Rem from a supplier of obsolete ammo and they were terrible!  They had necked up .30 Rem brass and when I accidentally knocked over the box  the shells rolled around all lopsided like a bent pool cue.  The ones that weren't bent nearly all had very noticeable bulges in the shoulder area.  I am not a reloader and even my vicarious experience is limited to watching my grandfather reloading .257 Roberts just prior to deer season in 1979, but 5 decent looking shells out of forty is not oly very noticable, but makes shooting very expensive!  Of those five decent looking shells, 4 did not cycle and it took a lot of force to pull the bolt back to eject the empty, not to mention the added recoil of a recoil operated rifle not cycling.  Plus, no shot printed at 25 yards!!  So all that to ask where can I find High quality .32 Rem?  Anybody have any similar experiences?  Who do I avoid giving my money to?
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