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I have a Smith & Wesson .32 D/A top break revolver, 4th model. My problem is when it is cocked in s/a mode, I pull the trigger and the rear (s/a) sear disengages but it hangs up and is back in d/a mode. It seems to be a common problem with this gun.
I've had it apart and nothing appears to be worn. With the side panel off, it appears that the d/a (front) sear is still engaged. No holes look elongated. All springs appear fine. The sear engagement points do not appear worn. It works fine in d/a.
As this pistol has a s/a sear I assume that it was meant to be both s/a & d/a. It is in really good shape and the parts are tightly fit.
I had it at a gunsmith and he didn't charge me much so I assume he just tightened the main (hammer) spring. It worked a few times and now is back to how it was when I brought it there. I have to travel about 60 miles each way to his shop, and he takes 4-5 months because he is so backed up so I thought I'd try to fix it myself.
I am somewhat mechanically inclined and not a total putz. Any ideas about this?
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
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