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Juan Tedman said:
Greetings everyone,
Is there such a thing as 33WCF improved? I figure it would be very similar to the 348 improved. From what I have read the standard 33/200gr load has about the same numbers as the 348/200gr load.

Does an improved ctg offer less "wear" on a gun?

Also, what kind of numbers might the imp offer over the std?

FYI, it is in an 86 winchester.

Thanks Much
Juan Tedman
The 348win and the 33Win have very little in common.Plus the 348Win is a far superior round to the 33Win.

33Win 200gr 2200fps-2150fpe,Factory or handload
348Win 200gr 2520fps-2820fpe,Factory
348Win 200gr 2560fps-2909fps,Conley
348Win 220gr 2470fps-2979fpe,Conley

The 33Win is a fine round,but it ain't in the same league as the 348Win.
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