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southpaw, with the 335 start at 28gr and work up to 30gr same with the 355 and as far as the 405gr goes you cant get enough 4227 in there to do much. h4227 is very bulky for straight wall pistol cartridges. with the 30gr load and the 335 and 355 these will be compressed loads!! and with the 405 you will run out of case quick. either of the loads will make fun but good loads. as you mentioned about workin up with a chronograph! yes all powder testing (load testing) is better when seeing what each increase of powder is doing to help find the sweet spot. although h4227 does not thrive on pressure to help it burn and give uniformitity to the pressure curve as H110/w296 does. dont get me wrong as there is nothin wrong with the practice of using a graph but rather powders with different burn rates will alter the outcome. you may also take a look at 2400 for the 405 in the 454 if your not wanting top loads as this powder does not mind reduction and will not gobble up case capacity as bad as h4227. although you should remember the 405 will need velocity to perform its best, and for that stick with h110/w296 as these big bullets can or will cause pressures to spike rather quickly with faster powders when you take away there happy workin area in the case. have fun and keep us posted on your results.
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