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I've wanted to rebore a Ruger #1 in 30-06 to 338-06 for years. Theres always something else that needs to have money spent on it more though. I agree its a great all around choice. It'll push a 250 grain bullet almost as fast as the 338 Win Mag, you can make up some light 200 grain deer loads, and theres no belt to deal with. The 26th edition of Hodgdons reloading manual has some great data.

Oh well...someday.

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The .338-06 should have been a factory cartridge years ago, and perhaps it still will.   Weatherby taking a step forward is a good start!

As has been said, there is good data in the Hodgdon manual, and in the Nosler manual as well!  Accurate has published data too.

Somewhere here, I posted some loads for cast in the .338-06 as well.  The 235g LFNGC bullet is just the right length for the average throat and cartridge neck keeping all the lube grooves in the cartridge case and the gas check still retained in the neck as well.   A great shooting cartridge!

God Bless,

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