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Weatherby sells .338-06 ammo. But like other have replied here, the problem is probably related to scope/mounts. Why don't you let us know what the fix was upon finding or solving the problem?

And keep in mind that 1.5"-2" at 100 yards may not be bad depending on what game size you plan to hunt. For example, I could easily kill a moose within 300 yards with your .338-06, but I would probably miss a squirrel at 150 to yards every now and then. It all means that deer and bigger game would be dead meat within 200 yards. Maybe you have a problem with the rifle, and to find out if it is you or the rifle, let someone who can shoot well shoot the rifle at the range. Use factory ammo, and also your handloads. Try shooting from a thoroughly cleaned and cool barrel whenever you go from one load to the next. Clean the barrel, don't leave oil in it, and fire strings of three to five shots as you maintain a cool barrel. Take your time between shots to keep it cool, and always support the rifle on the sand bag so the pressure on the stock is on the same point, and far away from the barrel in front of the stock (as close as possible to the floor plate). If you move this support area on the sand bag, the POI could change.
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