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AAs XMP5744 powder is the undesputed KING of reduced loads in big, nasty, overbore cases and the 338 RUM is no exception. Here are my loads for my 338 RUM (8 pound Rem 700, 26 inch bbl):

XMP5744 and Nosler 180 gr BT

52.0 grs and 2676 fps +- 12 fps and 21 fp free recoil.

XMP5744 and 200 gr Hornady SP

52.0 grs and 2670 fps +- 17 fps and 24.2 fp free recoil

53.0 grs and 2723 fps +- 18 fps and 25 fp free reciol

56.0 grs and 2835 fps +- 22 fps and 27.5 fp free recoil

Compare this to the top end where 102 grs of AA8700 drove a Hawk 2716 fps (4920 fp). This one you tend to remember at 66.8 fp of free recoil. For way out yonder, you can easily exceed 3500 fps with the Nosler 180 BT and four different powders ranging in burn rate from IMR 4350 to IMR 7828. Speer 225 and Nosler 225 partitions go 3225 fps (5200 fp)if way out yonder is really big and tough.

The XMP5744 loads are legitimate deer hunting propositions running the .308 Win to 30-06 range of velocities and recoil levels with excellent accuracy.

The venerable 375 H&H is flexible, and deservedly loved, but this is another solar system. For fun, my Virginia deer hunt this year will be with the 338 RUM and XMP5744.

This new cartridge and powder technology offer stunning performance for the handloader. With a 243 and a 338 RUM, we can hunt anything, anywhere.
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