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I'm new here, so bear with me.

I recently acquired a Browning BAR .338 Winchester Magnum. It will be utilized principally for elk.

I am fond of IMR 4350. I use it for several other cartridges. In researching loads for the .338, I find a very large spread, 68 grains to 74 grains of IMR 4350 for a 225 grain Hornady SST. I prefer to shoot the maximum safe load. Any suggestions.

As an aside, I load my .300 win mag with a Sierra 165 gr. HPBT over 74.1 grains of IMR 4350. I've used this load for years in a Browning BAR with no difficulty and no pressure signs.

Thanks. I appreciate advice and welcome critique.

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Bonaccu......I shoot several .338 caliber rifles and also have a .338 Bar in the vault (very nice burl walnut) I do not load this rifle as hot as the bolt guns. I try to stay right at 2650fps and all works very well with this rifle. I use a IMR-4350 @ 65.4 grains of powder. Bullet weight is 225 grains.

Now I also use a powder called H-4831 but it takes more powder to get the same velocity, just so you know ok. I used H-4831 @ 72 grains of powder and velocity was 2660fps. Bullet weight is 225 grains. These loads came out of Hornady's new 7th Edition manual.

Nosler's 6th Edition is as such: IMR-4831 powder @ 69 grains at 2725fps, 225 grn bullet.
IMR-4831 powder @ 67 grains = Velocity @ 2643fps........nice load for the BAR .338mag!

IMR-4350 powder @ 69.5 grns = Velocity of 2800fps...Under Max but HOT!!!
IMR-4350 powder @ 67 grns = Velocity of 2733fps......Nice load for the BAR .338mag

Please do start 10-percent lower on all loads and work up slowly and SAFELY.;) :)
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