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I recently purchased a 340PD with the red ramp front sights. After shooting only 50 bullets through it, the outside of the cylinder has black powder burns all over it. This got me to reading online, and I discovered that even the inside has a coating over the titanium that might be subject to unusual wear if the revolver is shot much for practice.

I am of the school that I should practice with what I trust my life to in a pinch situation. I have heard that some folks buy an all steel smith of the same approximate dimensions and practice with that, thus saving their 340PD for carry only, and perhaps the occasional practice box twice a year.

Has anyone out there had problems with the Ti cylinder on their 340PD or 342? I have heard horror stories of sticking bullets, jammed cylinders, and cylinders that have been damaged inside due to cleaning with bronze brushes, etc.

I could not care less about the way the revolver kicks. My hands do not mind. Recoil is not a factor for me.

I have heard good things about the M&P 340. It has the same basic frame as the 340PD, but with a stainless steel cylinder.

Powder burns do not bother me, but I take them to be a possible indication of some other problems with the cylinder in the 340PD, particularly in the way the cylinder is coated and can wear over time inside. I have also heard of 340PD frames cracking in their weakest point when too many .357s are shot through them, but I have never heard of this happening with the M&P 340. However, it seems to me that the cracking issues may already have been resolved by Smith. The Ti cylinder is another matter. For me, the verdict is not out yet on that.
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