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In looking over the ballistics for the 348 I am wondering why you feel any improvement would be needed to shoot deer at 200 yards? When sighted in at 2.5" high, at 100 yards, the trajectory will certainly allow you to hold dead-on, as the bullet will only be ~ 3" low, at 200. Clearly there will not be a lack of remaining energy, so this cartridge, with 180gr or 200gr bullets, is totally sufficient for 200 yard shots.

So, why deface a classic collectible firearm just to achieve another 100fps? If you really need more velocity/energy, put that Browning back in the closet, untouched, and buy a 358 Winchester or 35 Whelen. Both offer better ballistics, far better bullet selection and off-the-shelf ammo will be a bit easier to find. No need to mess with a classic when you can keep it pristine and spend less $$ by simply buying another gun that does what you're looking for!

Just my .02. :)
This would all be fine if it was an unaltered winchester, but he has a Browning reproduction. A fine gun in it's own right, but not a collector or classic. But I agree that the standard 348 is very well suited for 200 yd shots at deer.
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