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Marshal mentions this cartridge in his article on "Dies for the Ackley Improved Cartridges" in Tech Notes. Seems like this might be a good way to add some zip to the old round without breaking the bank. Does anyone know anything about this round? This is the first I've read about it. What are the dimensions? What boost is power could you expect? And most importantly, will it feed thru a re-chambered Marlin 336 without much modification? A chamber reaming would certainly be cheaper than converting to 356 Winchester.

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Drybranch, I do not have any experience with the 35 Rem. Ackley improved but I did do a conversion on a 280 Rem. to the Ackley improved. My goal was to get an increase 0f 100-150 fps. Alot of articles that I read in various magazines said this was feasible. The best I could do was 75fps with 140 grain bullets an about 60 fps with the 150 grain bullets before pressure signs started showing up. I guess my rifle must have a slow barrel. Accuracy remained the same and chambering was equally reliable but that was with a bolt action rifle. Hope that helps a little.

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No experience with said wildcat either, but just looking at the .35 Rem, there isn't much neck to begin with, and the case is not all that tapered. It seems that powder capacity gains would be quite minimal.

Also I've never seen loading data for it either.

Seems like the most 'bang for the buck' in this case would be to jump up to the next cartridge, Marlin did make some 336 rifles in .356 Winchester. They might be pricy but I'd suspect cheaper than have a reamer made, gunsmith work, get dies, etc.

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Hi, DryBranch:
Welcome to the forum! This one isn't in the RCBS custom die catalog or on Reamer rentals site or in the Firefly database, so it's rare. I'm a .35 Remington shooter myself, so I did the math. Case capacity with a bullet seated is 44.7 cc H20, which is close enough to my weighed case capacity of 44.0 cc. Blowing the case out to a straight cylinder gives a capacity of 47.3 cc.

Using John Barness' formula, that velocity increases at one-fourth of the increase in case capacity (Handloader #187, June-July `97). So we have a velocity increase of 1.5% or 30 fps. Hardly worth it.

Check out Sunday Creek's results with the Buffalo Bore loads a few posts below.

I get an honest 2080 fps with IMR's max load of 3031 and the 200 gr. Core-Lokt. Most of the manuals stop at 36.0 grains because the old Remington autoloaders get hammered out with a load a Marlin likes.

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