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Going back a ways, right after I got out of the service in late 1962 I had just one rifle, a .35 Marlin. I loaded a bunch of Hornady .357 hollow-points for that rifle and killed woodchucks with it for two summers before I could afford a 'real' varmint rifle. I only had a Lee 'tap-it' reloading kit, and have no idea what the velocity was with the powder I used, but with a Williams peep sight and no resighting from the 200-grain deer load, the rifle would hit 'chucks out to 100-125 yards reliably. I hunted over some narrow pastures then, so this was ok. One red fox also fell to these loads...only went about 50 feet after one sailed through his chest. Woodchucks were turned inside out.
I now have a Super14 barrel for my Contender in this caliber, and keep a few pistol bullet loads on hand for old time's sake. We have some big (45-65 lb) coyotes up here in Maine now, and the .35 with 158-170 grain pistol bullets at 2000 fps and up would do fine for those, seems to me. (Got one two years ago with a .410 from the Contender, at close range.)
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