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I think I finally found a great lighter load for my son to use in my 35 Remington.  24 grs of Alliant 2400 behind a Remington 140 gr JHP gave me 2 groups of 3 shots that measured .6" & .8" at 50 yds.  The other loads I tested were the same except for the powder wt.  23 grs-2.5", 25 grs-1.1" and 26 grs-3+".  Another great thing about the 24 gr load is that at 50 yds it only hits 1/4" higher then the 200 gr Remington factory load.  Now I need to load up a box or 2 to give it a real test at both 50 and 100 yds.
I also noticed some heavy copper at the muzzle but it was only in the last 1.5" of the barrel and only on the 2 lands and grooves that have the top ports(336 LTD) drilled through them.  I didn't see any burrs, but am wondering if fire lapping might solve this or if this occurs on all ported barrels simply because there is an edge for the bullet to contact.

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That sounds like some great accuracy with regard to the pistol bullets.

I would say as to the copper "galling" in the grooves after each port, that due to the softer/lighter construction of the pistol bullets, it's possible that a section of jacket is actually getting swaged out into the depression of the port hole on it's way past and quickly being swaged back to the groove diameter again. Thus, the condition after the port holes with some shaving/galling deposits.

Don't forget that pistol bullets aren't really constructed for this high a velocity and rotational speed.

Regards, Ray
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