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Hi, Shoalbass:
   I can heartily recommend Mr. Gate's load of 37 grains of 3031 with the Remington 200 grain Core-Lokt. It's what I use myself.  I haven't, but should, try Reloader 7.  The Speer 180 grain flat nose is a good bullet too, and shoots flatter. I can't recommend the 200 grain Sierra or Hornady. They're too tough for reliable expansion past 100 yards. For a very light training load use 10.0 grains of Red Dot with a 158 grain jacketed hollow point.  Point of impact will change. Less than 10.0 grains isn't consistent.

   I find that factory loads don't go over 1950 fps and handloading really pays with this cartridge. Figure that a good handload is going as fast at 35 - 40 yards as a factory load is at the muzzle.

   One of the neighbour's kids gut shot a doe with my gun last fall and it still anchored it long enough for a follow-up shot.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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