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.35 whelen info

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I recently bought a remington model 7600 in a .35 whelen to use on an upcoming hunt to maine for black bear . I bought some federal trophy bonded bear claw factory ammo 225 grain has anyone had any experience with this caliber and bullet combo Just wondering if this is a good bullet for black bear I was also looking at the barnes tsx bullet in 200 grain.
Any info appreciated thanks
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thanks for the info I have had the gun to the range once using remington core lokts 200 gr and they were very accurate I used these to sight in ( slightly cheaper ammo) I didnt have the TBBC at that time and havent had the chance to try those yet hopefully they shoot as well I am plannning on using the remingtons for deer and as long as they shoot well the TBBC for bear I am still thinking about ordering some of the tsx bullets but they are about 2X more than the TBBC so I havent yet I figure I will try the TBBC bullets first and see how they shoot Thanks again and more info appreciated
are tbbc considered cup/core bullets or arent bonded bullets in this category
anyone use the barnes tsx in the whelen I know I dont need a premium bullet but I have had good results with these in other calibers and I am thinking about trying them
tnhunter where are you going in maine
I am goingo to north western maine First time on a bear hunt I hear it is addicting
1 - 6 of 21 Posts
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