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Classic35 said:
Good day everyone,

I am looking for load data and case capacity for the 35 Winchester (405 WCF necked down to 358).

I will be using 200, 225 gr bullets in a 14" T/C Contender, may try some 250's. I would like load data for cast and jacketed bullets in the above weights. I am partial to the Beartooth 200 gr right now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I don't know much about the 35Win,except it is not as potent as the 348Win and 358Win and dead even with the 356Win and 375Win with 200gr bullets and pulls ahead of them with 250gr bullets.:

35Win 200gr 2480fps-2738fpe,52.0grs of IMR 4895
356Win 200gr 2460fps-2688fpe,Conley or Winchester
375Win 200gr 2512fps-2801fpe,Accurate
348Win 200gr 2560fps-2909fpe,Conley or Winchester
358Win 200gr 2700fps-3236fpe,Conley

35Win 250gr 2290fps-2920fpe,50.0grs of IMR 4895
356Win 250gr 2163fps-2595fpe,Hodgdon
375Win 250gr 2150fps-2547fpe,Conley
348Win 250gr 2350fps-3060fpe,Winchester
358Win 250gr 2425fps-3255fpe,Conley
405Win 300gr 2250fps-3380fpe,Winchester
405Win 300gr 2450fps-3997fpe,Quickload

I handload for all of them except the 35Win.I also handload for the 30/40 Krag and 405Win.I have never used the 30/40 Krag brass to handload the 405Win.For one its to short and second it gives head space problems when used.Here are the differences in length,between the 3.

405Win CL:2.58,COL:3.18
35Win CL:2.41,COL:3.16
30/40 CL:2.31,COL:3.10

So reason would tell you it won't hold as much powder as the 405win and more than the 30/40 Krag.As you can see it not just a necked down 405win.As it case is far shorter and has no where near the ballistics of the 405Win.
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