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Hello All,

I'm having a hard time finding reloading data for a 350 gr. gas checked bullet using H4895.  I'd like to see muzzle velocities of around 1600-1800 fps.  I've also heard pressures are fairly low with this powder.  Any ideas?


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The reason you don't find loads using this powder is it is too slow burning for a 45-70 in that velocity range. Inconsistent ignition and questionable accuracy will be the result. Look for loads with 2400, Unique, SR4759, IMR&H4198, IMR 4227, and Re#7. You have to select a burning rate for a low load density. Check out or a Lyman Cast reloading manual as well. IMR 4895 is a recommended powder for 500gr Jacketed for Ruger loads.

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Hey Ruger#3, just had to ask if you shot a Ruger#3 and if so what cal.
I have one in .375 BB that i just had restocked with English Walnut, looks nice.
Still working on loads with 200gr. Pro-Hunter and 43gr. H-335 best load to date. Also 36gr Rl#7 and the 220 Honady is ok.

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