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NAP I'll try and shed a little more light on your topic OK!
I owned and shot a 338/06 model 70 feather weight for several years. I like the way it put animals down using premium bullets and Core-Lokts on whitetail deer also.

I once remember shooting a 350 magnum and it was a jaw buster in that little carbine type rifle I held back then. I wouldn't have traded 2 ....broke 06's for a 350 mag back then. Enough side on the 350 mag.

However the 338/06 will do anything that the 338 Winchester magnum will do out to 300 yards on big game animals and that is saying a bunch. I have used the 210 grain Barnes XLC bullet as well as the 230 grain Trophy Bonded Bear Claws, along with the Nosler 225 grain partitions on elk and black bear.

Stoke it up with some of those 180 grain Barnes bullets or a 200 grain from one of the other bullet manufacturing
companies and it becomes a pretty flat shooting big game rifle too, much more so than a 350 mag, which is limited on bullet selection as well.

I gave that rascal to my sister in laws son last Christmas and he was happy as a fox in a hen house. I mostly use a 338 mag nowdays but there is nothing wrong with the 338/06 as a big game gun at normal hunting ranges. It kills better than any 06 on the planet, you won't be disappointed in choosing it for use on big game.
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