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356 Winchester Loads w/ 200 Gr. BTB

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Does anyone have any load data for the 356 Winchester w/ the 200 Gr. WNFP?  I am a beginning reloader, and I am wondering....the bullet specs say.360 or .470 Nose to crimp length.  Does this mean that you can load to either length, or or we talking two different bullets here?  Pardon my ignorance here.  Which would be correct for loading into a Winchester Big Bore 94?  Thanks for any help.  
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Hey Chris,

Take a couple of .356 Win cases and trim them to the overall length you'll be reloading, and seat a BTB bullet to the longer OAL crimp groove (ie more powder room inside).  Then take these 'dummy' cartridges (no powder or primer) and run them through the rifle.  You'll know really quickly if they'll work for you.  It's always good to have a couple of 'dummies' around for setting up your reloading dies......they're already set to spec's .... you screw in your seater die (for example) loosely, and run a ' dummy' into the die.  Now you adjust the die down into proper adjustment (seating stem just touching the top of the bullet) and secure it.  You get the same set up every time.

Looks like my wife and I will be moving back to WV about this time next's full of adventures!  We'll have to get together and burn some gun powder.

Take care....

El Lobo in NM
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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