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356 Winchester Loads w/ 200 Gr. BTB

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Does anyone have any load data for the 356 Winchester w/ the 200 Gr. WNFP?  I am a beginning reloader, and I am wondering....the bullet specs say.360 or .470 Nose to crimp length.  Does this mean that you can load to either length, or or we talking two different bullets here?  Pardon my ignorance here.  Which would be correct for loading into a Winchester Big Bore 94?  Thanks for any help.  
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Thank you sir!

I am most grateful for all of your help Lobo, now and for the past few years.   I sure hope you come back to the East Coast...we need more of your type here.   We will definitely burn some powder in the near future.

Can't wait to get this 356 Winchester Crankin.  I refuse to let a good rifle die, despite the conspiracy against this gun/cartridge....and also refuse to pay &#3626.00+ bucks a box!  Now....just trying to find some good loads for some of these 200 Grain WNFP's.  I'll let you know how I do with them.  God Bless to you sir, and great to hear from you.  Talk soon.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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