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.357 4" or 2" barrel?

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Is there a big difference in velocity between a .357 2" barrel and a 4" barrel, I haven't found any numbers on it. The idea is I'd like a light .357 in the unlikely event of meeting a cranky bear (hopefully even so a blackbear of smaller size than a kodiak). Where I usually pack in Idaho, I've never heard of a grizzly being in the area, but I have heard of black bear being around. The only reason I like the 2" is its weight and cost. On a 5 day pack trip, everything, including that extra roll of film you packed seems to add up.
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MarkPaul, I know you are concerned about carry weight, but shouldn't you be more concerned about STOPPING power? I've been to Alaska and when the 'B' word is mentioned regarding surviving an attack, the ONLY handgun mentioned was a 44 magnum. I mentioned a 357 or 41 and was immediately corrected...44 is the minimum. I know some guys on this forum are from Alaska and probably know a lot more on the topic. Hopefully, they'll respond to your question. Don't forget to attach a bell to your pack when walking in bear country. They will hear you coming and flee the area. Stay alert!
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