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.357 4" or 2" barrel?

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Is there a big difference in velocity between a .357 2" barrel and a 4" barrel, I haven't found any numbers on it. The idea is I'd like a light .357 in the unlikely event of meeting a cranky bear (hopefully even so a blackbear of smaller size than a kodiak). Where I usually pack in Idaho, I've never heard of a grizzly being in the area, but I have heard of black bear being around. The only reason I like the 2" is its weight and cost. On a 5 day pack trip, everything, including that extra roll of film you packed seems to add up.
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How about a guide gun? Marlin makes several "big bores" in light weight short barrel versions. I agree that a 41 or 44 mag is a good choice but the rifle is for sure. If you stick with a short barrel 357, make sure you can out-run the slowest person in your group! :D
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