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.357 4" or 2" barrel?

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Is there a big difference in velocity between a .357 2" barrel and a 4" barrel, I haven't found any numbers on it. The idea is I'd like a light .357 in the unlikely event of meeting a cranky bear (hopefully even so a blackbear of smaller size than a kodiak). Where I usually pack in Idaho, I've never heard of a grizzly being in the area, but I have heard of black bear being around. The only reason I like the 2" is its weight and cost. On a 5 day pack trip, everything, including that extra roll of film you packed seems to add up.
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Good morning MarkPaul,

The bear defense thing is a big stinky debate I'm not interested in. I would, however, like to mention that light weight handguns are not limited to 357's. The Tarus Trackers come in everthing from 357 to 45 Colt and they are quite light. Not very expensive either. Personally, I have a lot more experience with the Ruger Blackhawk series of handguns. They come in 357, 41 mag and 45 Colt. If you stick with blued guns, the gripframes are aluminum which is a nice weight savings. By the time you get all the way up to 45 colt, they have drilled out a lot of metal to make those holes so big that the gun in 4 5/8" is both very strong and very light. You might want to go into a gun shop and do some weight comparisions. Longer barrels with better sights are also profoundly easier to hit with.

Good luck............. Bill M
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