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357 Mag PRIMER Question

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Which primers should I get for loading 357 Magnum?

There are ----

Winchester #7's
CCI #300
CCI Magnum #350
Federal 150
Federal Magnum 155?

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The bad thing is, I bought 2000 of them and I can't take them back because I got them at a gun show and that particular feller never showed up again.

And before anybody asks, the gun is still stock and CCI's, Federals and Remingtons have never failed, ever.

I'll bet he didn't.

I have used WLP's for 40 years. I used them in multiple .45's, and three different .44Mags. I probably averaged about 1000/yr in that time.

Never had a single dud, or failure to fire. I have also used CCI's and Federal's from time to time, and never had any trouble with those either.

Somehow the mystery man stiffed you with a poorly stored batch.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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