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357 Mag PRIMER Question

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Which primers should I get for loading 357 Magnum?

There are ----

Winchester #7's
CCI #300
CCI Magnum #350
Federal 150
Federal Magnum 155?

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It is 13 degrees F here and feels like MINUS 13. ...hmmmmmm. I wonder IF I should go magnum primers.... hmmmmmm.
Oh, okay. Not too many SUB ZERO days here in the Finger Lakes of NY which is where I would be shooting this puppy 98% of the time. So regular pistol primers seem like a good choice for my 357 Mag loads then?
Now from another thread this is what Marshall recommended:

"Regarding a load for that little buck buster, I did some extensive agricultural depredation work in the orchards of S. Oregon before moving to Idaho a couple decades ago, and my favorite tool of harvest was a little .357 levergun loaded with our BTB 359"-185gFNGC bullet, 16.0g H110 and a WSP primer. Out of an 18.5" barrel it clocked a consistent 1860 fps with no pressure signs."

Winchester SMALL PISTOL PRIMER with H110... And others on that thread said Small Pistol was the way to go.

I'm not trying to start a disagreement here at all. But I am getting very different advice on primer size under 110 and 296. I just hope I do not need to buy a THOUSAND of each. (hahahaha).
thanks guys and thanks Unclenick on the post above and the primer primer.... valuable.
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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