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357 Mag PRIMER Question

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Which primers should I get for loading 357 Magnum?

There are ----

Winchester #7's
CCI #300
CCI Magnum #350
Federal 150
Federal Magnum 155?

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Yes, what Rocky said.

I would however avoid Winchester's "Primers for standard and magnum loads". Now I can't say anything about their small pistol primers because I've never used them, but I've had grief with the large pistol primers with my Redhawk. About 30% (roughly) don't go bang the first time and a second strike is needed to set them off. The initial "dent" isn't deep enough (looks like) to set them off. The odd thing is, the next three or ten or more might go off with out fail.

The bad thing is, I bought 2000 of them and I can't take them back because I got them at a gun show and that particular feller never showed up again.

And before anybody asks, the gun is still stock and CCI's, Federals and Remingtons have never failed, ever.

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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