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357 Mag PRIMER Question

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Which primers should I get for loading 357 Magnum?

There are ----

Winchester #7's
CCI #300
CCI Magnum #350
Federal 150
Federal Magnum 155?

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Whatever the brand -- I have used many -- I have always just stuck with standard small pistol primers, no magnums. Early on I found that standard primers seemed to give me velocities that are a bit more consistent, with no ignition problems. I might reconsider magnums if I lived in an are that had a lot of extremely cold weather.
It is 13 degrees F here and feels like MINUS 13. ...hmmmmmm. I wonder IF I should go magnum primers.... hmmmmmm.
If that's normal for this time of year, and over extended periods, maybe. But I mean more like sub-zero.
Oh, okay. Not too many SUB ZERO days here in the Finger Lakes of NY which is where I would be shooting this puppy 98% of the time. So regular pistol primers seem like a good choice for my 357 Mag loads then?
Oh, some will disagree, I am sure. But it has been my experience over 30 years of reloading that magnum pistol primers generally offer no real advantage over standard. Of course, I have not tried both with every powder available, but I believe I have tried them both with every powder commonly used for .357 and .44 Magnum. One fellow told me that he felt he got less unburned powder left in the bore when using magnum primers with a certain powder. In that case, I found I got unburned powder with BOTH, unless I was sure to apply a very heavy crimp, in which case I got virtually no unburned powder with either. (2400, btw)

And note I say magnums "generally offer no advantage". Certainly, your results -- of every kind -- may vary from mine, so I would suggest at least making your own trial and choosing which you want to go with. Keep i mind, though, that many will specify a standard primer. Just because the load is magnum doesn't mean it calls for a magnum primer. So you'll likely need some standard primers to stay on the utterly safe side in some situations.
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>I just hope I do not need to buy a THOUSAND of each. (hahahaha).

zoar, if you get in to loading you will soon realize that at least 1000 of each is a good idea. If you shoot a lot, you'll use them up; if you shoot a little, you'll have a lifetime supply at a price almost guaranteed to be much less than you'll pay a few months or years from now.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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