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.357 Max

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Looks like a good place for this question: Does anyone make brass and dies for the .357 Max? As I recall the cartridge never was too popular, but I had an idea that it would work well in a Cadet Martini action that I have. I grabbed it a while back for a fun gun as it has a lovely tang sight and was barreled for the .357 Mag, but the jerk that did the job drilled the forend screw into the bore, so I'm gonna rebarrel to something. Goatwhiskers
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My Hornady dies are marked for .38 - .357 - .357 Max.

No idea on brass. Starline?
Not only is 357Max brass readily available, it is surprisingly inexpensive. The Max has become quite popular in states with 1-5/8" restrictions because it is the simplest and cheapest way to get a little more than the standard PCR performance out of a rifle that is legal in these areas. If the 357Mag seems like a good fit for the shooting you like to do, stepping up to the Max will give you the warm-fuzzies.
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