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It could be an extremely useful lever-action cartridge for the handloader (and commercial .357 Maximum ammunition isn't commonly available, and isn't going to get commoner, so a handloader you had better be. You could get quite a bit better performance than the .38-40, ,44 WCF etc., without going up to unwise pressures.

The trouble is, there is no really good action for it. I agree that it seems very doubtful whether the 1892 Winchester or other short actions could be converted, and the 1894 action, besides being longer than you need, offers a host of established cartridges which are just as good.

I know Marlin made their long-action 336 in .44 Magnum for just one year, 1963-64, and then discontinued it. There was no .44 Magnum Marlin until they reintroduced their short action 1894 for it in 1969. That was a lost market niche which really hurt, and I don't think they did it willingly. So I can't believe a custom gunsmith would have better luck than Marlin in using even the Maximum in the Marlin 336 action.
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