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The .35 Remington has been laying down game for nearly a century now... it's been a reliable performer for years.  The Marlin 336 is the only rifle still chambered for the .35 Remington on a regular production basis, a great combination of rifle and cartridge for short to medium range hunting applications.

While the factory ammo ballistics have proven adequate for the majority of .35 Remington shooters over the years, handloading really delivers a different facet of this cartridges potential.  It is a very under-rated cartridge in most circles.  Loaded to it's full potential, there is very little in North America that it isn't adequate for, some range limitations withstanding.

Here again, we have a great supermarket of choices when it comes to cartridges and rifles in this country.  It's all a matter of choice, and what applications you intend to apply them.

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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