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Been there, tried that!  Didn't work!

The .359"-250g LFNGC bullet is too long for practical work in the .35 Remington, at least in the Marlin 336's.

The bullet, when seated to function through the action, and still chamber, due to throat restrictions in the chamber, puts the base of the bullet well into the powder capacity of the case.

Still tried it, and accuracy was terrible, and the bullets keyholed at 75 yards... not enough velocity to stabilize that big, long sleek .35 caliber 250 grain pill!  Only managed a tad over 1750 with it using RL-7.  Gave up on the project.

Perhaps it might be feasable in a single shot, a Contender Carbine or such with a specifically cut long throat... but then what's the use, might as well go with a .356 Winchester if you're going to that much bother.

This isn't much, but it's all I've got.


I've still not had a customer report recovering any of the .359"-215g LFNGC's from game when fired from a .35 Remington!  Lots of harvest reports with nice sized permanant wound channels, but no recovered bullets!

God Bless,

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