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375 chey tac bullets for rum

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i have a 375 rum and do mid range shooting between 200 and 600 yds i use 235 gr tsx with 85.55 gr imr 4064 in a 700 bdl 28 in barrel with muzzel brake overall is 30 1/16 in very hot and worked up dont duplicate reduce then work up i was wondering if anybody has used the bullets designed for the chey tac in a rum and also does anyboby know about the velocity of my hot load thanks for all replies
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Looking at a older Remington ammo sheet, the measured velocities are taken from 24 inch barrels. Your running a 28 inch tube. With the heavy charges of powder your using any guess at velocity would be a WAG.

This is the time for you to invest in a chronograph, only it can tell you how fast the bullet is traveling. That with a ballistics program you'll know how much bullet drop at any given range.
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