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Hi Marshall,

I have a Remington Model 700 Classic chambered in 375 H&H and am considering loading some of your 250gr. LFN bullets.  I hunt mainly deer and hogs at less than 300 yrds.  Most shots are taken at less than 100 yrds but I like to have the ability to shoot 300 yrds if the opportunity arises.

My  questions are:

1.  What load do you recommend for my situation?
2.  What diameter bullet should I shoot in my rifle?
3.  What is the trajectory of this bullet out to 300 yrds. using your load information and a 200 yrd sight in?


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I use that very bullet in my Sako .375 H&H Improved.   I also used the same bullet in another Custom Sako .375 H&H with standard chamber.

The load in the standard chamber model was this:

.377"-250g LFNGC/78.0g H4350/WLRP/Win Brass

The bullet seated out to just engrave the lands of the rifling when chambered.

Velocity ran 2560 in that particular rifle, but it was a Magna-Ported 22" tube, however the gun shot MOA at 100 yards with this combination.

For your trajectory over 200 and 300 yards, it will depend on your Zero range that you sight in.   That is easily enough calculated however, and the ballistic coefficient for this bullet is .296.

As far as bullet diameter for your rifle, most of those Remington's have groove diameters of .375", but throat diameters of .3765-.3775 depending upon when they were manufactured.   My suggestion would be for a .377" diameter bullet for your uses, unless slugging and measuring the chamber throat dictates otherwise.

For most uses that the .375 H&H gets put to here in N. America, cast bullets are totally adequate for all applications in my experience.

Hope this helps.

God Bless,

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