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375 Ruger?

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An friend has a 375 Ruger that he has shot maybe 30 rounds through. Mauser action. I have a Model 70 375 H&H that, quite frankly, I don't shoot that much anymore but this guy is thinking about $400 and it is well finished, no problems, nice stock, etc, probably 99%.

I've noticed that there are quite a few 375 Rugers on internet sites just sitting there getting no bids....nothing! Anyone have any experience with this round? Good? Bad? If it were a 300 WM or 338 WM I'd snap it up.
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That is a smoking price! They were $800+ when new.
There was a guy on RF talking about a few safari's he had been on, 375 Ruger wasn't hard to find in Africa. Ruger and Hornady had done quite a bit of overseas marketing to make it well known when guys started showing up to hunt with the new cartridge.
I can take you to a few shops that don't have either, and if you ask about deer hunting ammo, they'll hand you a box of 22-250. Then again, I also know of a dozen or better shops that carry every flavor you could want.

A person that buys a .375 Ruger, .375 RUM, .375 Wby, etc. is not the type of person that needs to go get ammo on opening day morning. They are well aware of the situation at hand.
Matchbox99, I was not referring to opening day! It is when the friggin airlines lose your luggage and you end up in JO-Berg with NO AMMO!!! Then again it could be the Cape, you out looking for something that is supposed to be there and is not. I know of a man who took his .300 WSM to Africa and then found out there was no ammo for the rifle. No body had any .300 WSM according to his PH. So he was stuck borrowing a rifle for his plains game hunt.
If they lose your luggage, they also lose your rifle... point not made, try again. We have some members here who are from that area and have expressed no difficulty in finding ammunition down there.
I knew it! They aren't using powder at all! Apparently they've managed to extremely compress Applesauce and Orange Marmalade into propellants! Brilliant!
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